About Mission Press
The Mission Press will provide cost-effective, high quality,
on-time graphic design, printing, and direct mail services
to Mercy Home's Development Department, to help
them maximize their fundraising results. We will also
provide the same cost-effective, high quality, on-time
services to non-agency customers, in order to realize
profits that will go toward providing A Solution for Kids
in Crisis at Mercy Home.
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Partner with us in a worthwhile cause . . .

Our core values When you make The Mission Press your printing and marketing resource, you partner with us in a very worthwhile cause . . . . helping the abused and neglected children of Mercy Home for Boys & Girls. The Home is a century old institution dedicated to healing and helping the most defenseless members in our society. Profits from The Mission Press support the efforts of Mercy Home.

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Our connection to Mercy Home for Boys & Girls

In 1916, Father C.J. Quille opened a small print shop at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls.  This small print shop grew into what is known today as The Mission Press, which operates as a full service printing and marketing resource to a large number of non-profit agencies and corporate clients.

Mercy Home for Boys & Girls is the foundation of The Mission Press. Your projects and our hard work support the Home and have a positive impact on the boys and girls who come here to heal, learn, and grow.

To find out more visit the Mercy Home for Boys & Girls website to learn how you can help provide A Solution for Kids in Crisis!

Our team

Our team of professionals includes ….

  • Nicolette Prepura

    Director - Press Operations

    Accomplished Director of The Mission Press operations with successful track record of overseeing...

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  • Dell Cloherty

    Manager - Graphic Designer & Sales

    Dell is from Galway City, Ireland and worked for JayCee Printers and a local newspaper before moving...

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  • Bruce MacEachron

    Manager- Internal Sales & Print Prod Cust Service

    Bruce began working at The Mission Press in July of 2005. He has more than 40 years of experience...

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  • Tammy Crater

    Manager - Accounting & Customer Service

    Tammy has been working at The Mission Press since April 2007. She has taken on many challenges...

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  • John Muckian

    Digital Coordinator

    John joined the Mission Press team in November of 2013. He comes from a background of creativity...

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  • Peter Donahue

    Sales Representative

    Peter received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1979, in Visual Communications from Northern...

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